Be the Change: Is a Career as a Professional Coach Right for You?

Be a Professional Certified Coach

Why be a Professional Coach?

A Fulfilling Career

A professional coach helps others discover their deepest potential and empowers them to be their  best. You can create positive, meaningful change in individuals and organisations – all the while building an excellent career.

Professional Growth

Key understandings of how the brain works can create significant insight into people’s behaviour and motivations. Thought Conductor® shows how to use this knowledge to help yourself and others.

Success Your Way

Whether you want to practice privately or use your coaching skills to further your career – this training equips you fully to set your own professional future doing what you love.


Price Waterhouse Coopers and the ICF took an industry wide snapshot of the coaching industry.
Read the 10 key take aways.

Future Skills

Rocket Potential with NLP Coaching

Life coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Coaching and Coaching for Managers and HR Professionals are among the many ways to utilise the skills you will learn on this Coach Training Program.

The power of coaching has entered the mainstream consciousness and is exploding in popularity.

This ICF Accredited Certified Coach Training is about learning to be a masterful coach, a coach that makes a difference in real and tangible ways.

On this journey you not only learn how to help people reach their optimal state, you start by taking yourself on a voyage of self-discovery that will ultimately lead to deep fulfilment.

Coaching for Professional Growth

Fulfil Potential in Yourself and those around You

Coaching inspires and motivates people to change, learn and be more effective. Highly effective managers, leaders and team coaches use coaching to establish clear expectations, assign accountability, assess performance, and conduct coaching conversations that build motivation and get results.

You can learn and develop the skills of coaching to bring an impact into your career and personal life.

Coaching for Professional Growth

Managing and Leading as a Coach

Managing and Leading as a Coach

This coaching training course is especially designed to up-skill you with evidence based coaching skills and a developmental mindset that can be applied very effectively to work and life.

You will learn the foundational skills needed to build strong interpersonal relationships and how to lead with a coaching presence that builds confidence in those around you.

Key take aways include learning emotionally intelligent communication and how to build trust and increase collaboration in individuals and teams.

Coaching Skills for Performance

During the course you will learn how to lead yourself and others to higher levels of creativity and competence.

Further Key learnings include how to use coaching gap tools to build and expand knowledge, skills and potential in ourselves and colleagues.

You will also learn how to facilitate effective and empowering conversations that motivate and bring out the best in others and help groups and teams fulfil their potential.

Coaching Skills for Performance

What You Take Away From the Course

Professional Coaching Training

The number one outcome of this professional coaching course is to give you the skills you need to be a successful coach. You take away a deep understanding of international standards, best practices and ethics in coaching.

This is backed up by modern coaching approaches along with straight forward strategies for coaching in any environment or for any purpose – life coaching, executive coaching and health coaching.

You will also develop key coaching skills in the areas of personal leadership, challenging status quo, powerful questioning and active listening to get your clients into resourceful states.

You leave the course with the skills to coach anyone in any scenario with confidence.

Professional Coach training
Unconscious Coaching Tools

Unconscious Coaching Tools

One of the most important take-away’s from this course is that you will challenge and change your own self-limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns that are preventing you from reaching the highest heights in your personal and professional life.

You can then help others in overcoming their mental and emotional blocks that are preventing their success. You will help people manage their mental states so that they can make quick shifts in their motivation and attitude to make change happen in their lives.

By helping your clients align with their personal values and through powerful belief change processes you can help them to overcome their limiting beliefs.

You will also learn obstacle busting reframing strategies that will take anyone from setback to opportunity.

By learning and applying powerful Thought Conductor® NLP Communications Model processes into your own life, you will exude credibility and create deep rapport with others, so that you can coach with clarity and confidence.

A Coaching Cohort

When you enrol on the training you are joining a like-minded cohort that are about living a passionate life and making the world a happier more conscious place.

At Thought Coach coaching is at the heart of everything we do and together we strive to be the best version of ourselves, to be continuously learning and improving.

We support you and each other as we make positive changes in the world.

A Coaching Cohort

What People are Saying…

I have seriously grown as a person and for me this was the most valuable yet unanticipated part of the training. As a result I am now contributing and supporting the development of others through coaching and for that I owe Julie the most humblest thank you.

I completed Thought Coach training and I can fully recommend it everyone wanting to become a coach! We had a wonderful group and Julie did an amazing job making the Zoom calls engaging and interactive. You get lots of coaching practice and encouragement.

Meet Trainer Julie Rice

Hi, I’m Julie Rice founder of Thought Coach.

Professional coaches have highly developed interpersonal skills that can make major impacts on performance and wellbeing.

Coaching Skills include: High emotional intelligence and empathy, rapport building, developed communication skills, listening skills, questioning skills, pattern recognition and being non judgemental and objective.

Find out more about how you can learn these skills to further develop your personal and professional leadership in your career or in your coaching practice.

Professional Coach Trainer: Julie Rice

Julie Rice
Thought Coach Founder

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