Thought Conductor® Certified Coach Training FAQs

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The course is online delivery, consisting of:

  • face-to-face virtual classroom (Zoom based)
  • online learning system
  • self study
  • coaching cohort

Thought Conductor® Certified Coach Training Program ‘Whole Person to Whole Team’is formed of two courses:

  • Thought Conductor® Practitioner Coach – this course is intended for ACC credentialing
  • Thought Conductor® Professional Coach – this course is intended for PCC credentialing

Each Course is divided into two modules. The modules can be taken individually at times that suit you for a fully flexible training experience.

After Module 1 you have a transformational coach structure and the coach skills to start coaching people to make positive change in their lives!

The training is intended for anyone from those who want to use coaching in their existing profession to those who want a career as a coach or for existing coaches who want their coaching commitment recognised with an ICF credential.

It is not just theory, there is a lot of coaching practice too, so you finish the course being a confident coach, with the skills to coach anyone on anything. The coaching practice, ICF mentoring, additional study and online e-learning and homework are scheduled into the course.

The course is online delivery and consists of remote virtual learning and lots of coaching practice.

The course format has been especially designed to fit in with your work and home life as much as possible, with sessions lasting no longer than 3 hours.

The full program takes up to 6 months in total to complete, it is intensive and outside of the live virtual classroom training you need to be prepared to work for and additional 3 to 5 hours each week on the course and coaching practise.

The trainer is Julie Rice MCC.

Julie Rice has spent the past 18+ years learning about and working in professional private practice.

Julie is an ICF MCC level credentialed coach and ICF MCC mentor, a Master NLP Practitioner and Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development. Julie has been changing lives with a career in personal development and training  beginning in 2003.

Julie’s extensive private practice experience totals over 8,000 hours. During this time, spent working one-on-one with individuals, teams and groups – she has learned what really works for people who want to grow and change – and what doesn’t.

Julie is very active in the Professional Coaching community as both an ICF MCC Mentor Coach and as the Director of Training for coaching and leadership development company, Thought Coach.


Being a great coach calls for continuous professional development.

This comprehensive, intensive coach training is designed to support you in being a confident coach that coaches to the highest professional standards of the ICF with individuals, groups and teams.

After successful completion of the course you meet the ICF training and mentoring requirements that you use when you apply for an ACC or PCC Credential

This training will teach you all the coaching skills to become a great coach. You have probably already been told by others that you are a great listener or that you always seem to ask the right questions and you genuinely care about people.

It helps to come on the course with a growth mindset ready to learn and improve in the area of personal development. If you are a person who is curious about human potential and likes to influence, help and partner with others then this is the course for you.

There is no specific type of personality that is better suited than another.

I have known amazing coaches that are quiet and gentle with a great coaching presence and coaches that are strong and extroverted that equally are great at coaching.

You will attract the right clients to you and the course is designed to help you to develop your own unique style and presence.

As you grow in confidence through practise and expert feedback on this course you will develop an excellent skill set and become more adept in your ability to coach.

Julie Rice is a registered MCC mentor coach with the ICF which means that if you are going for an ACC or PCC credential after this training then you will receive all the mentoring that you need (10 hours) to apply for your ICF credential.

The difference is that the International Coaching Federation sets the professional global standards in coaching.

Global institutions and individuals are increasingly differentiating between coaches that are not recognised by a coaching organisation and those that are.

This is because the ICF credential holders have a very high set of standards. The ICF ensures that their credential holders are providing organisations with only the best coaching and have met the high ethical standards that the ICF is renowned for.

Also this credential is recognised around the world as the coaching industry is increasingly growing and it is becoming more necessary to ensure the difference between a trained coach or someone who is just saying that they are a coach.

You will have become part of a wonderful coaching cohort during your time with Thought Coach. Some people become great friends as they go on their coaching journey together.

Coaching each other you will get to know each other very well and you can continue to practise with each other after the course is completed and you can also join our reciprocal coaching program so that you meet more coaches and master your skills.

Graduates are also given opportunities to join master classes and further development courses and webinars.

If you are someone who enjoys exploring their own potential and can be honest about your own limitations and interested in finding out what is stopping you from becoming your very best self, then you are already on the way to being someone who is self-aware and emotionally intelligent.

Great coaches have a high EQ and this starts by exploring and getting to know yourself very deeply. Once you know yourself and can accurately self assess yourself then you are someone who is able to help others to grow and explore their fullest potential as well.

A great coach is someone who can be fully present, listen well and be direct and honest in their communication style. Someone who can create a safe and trusting environment that allows their client to flourish and gain awareness, someone that inspires progress and accountability that create meaningful change.

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