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The course is blended delivery, consisting of face-to-face in person classroom, virtual classroom, online learning and study.

The live classroom training is in the Heart of Sydney CBD and Melbourne CBD.

Virtual classroom is held on Zoom.

The Thought Conductor® Certified Training is intensive and comprehensive.

It is not just theory, there is a lot of coaching practice too, so you finish the course being a confident coach, with the skills to coach anyone, anytime, anywhere on anything. The coaching practice, mentoring, additional study and online homework are scheduled into the course.

The course is online delivery and consists of remote virtual learning and lots of coaching practice.

The Module 1 and 3 Live Virtual classroom sessions are held on the weekends and Module 2 is weekly in the evening usually midweek, each session lasts around 3 hours. The course format has been especially designed to fit in with your work and home life as much as possible.

In fact the course format has been especially designed to fit in with your work and home life as much as possible.

The course takes up to 6 months to complete, it is intensive and outside of the classroom training you need to be prepared to work for and additional 3 to 5 hours each week on the course.

The trainer is Julie Rice.

Julie Rice has spent the past 18 years learning about and working with the subconscious mind.

Julie is an ICF PCC level credentialed coach and mentor, a Master NLP Practitioner and a  Health Fund Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist. Julie has been changing lives with a career in personal development and training  beginning in 2003.

Julie has extensive private practice experience that totals over 8,000 hours. During this time, spent working one-on-one with individuals, she has learned what really works for people who want to grow and change – and what doesn’t.

Julie is also very active in the Professional Coaching community as both an ICF PCC Mentor Coach and as the Director of Training for coaching and emotional intelligence development company, Thought Coach.


Being a great coach calls for continuous professional development.

This comprehensive, intensive coach training teaches you how to be a confident coach that coaches to the highest professional standards of the ICF. Successful completion of the course opens up the pathway to ICF ACC Credential

After module 1 you will know enough to start coaching!

This course is all you will need to create amazing futures for yourself and your clients. This is a comprehensive coach training that gets you up to ICF standards while learning evidence based behavioural psychology, neuroscience and cutting edge unconscious NLP coaching processes.

It is not NLP practitioner or NLP Master training or Hypnotherapy training, instead it is exactly what you do need to know from those modalities within a coaching framework. There is advanced master NLP techniques alongside practitioner level learnings of the NLP Communication Model. You also learn advanced conversational hypnosis techniques that take you client to the highest highs of their desired outcomes.

This is an experiential course that brings together personal development expertise into a comprehensive coaching system that does incorporate unconscious coaching techniques, language patterns, neuroscience and evidence based behavioural science and mind-set strategies and models so that you can coach anyone at anytime, anywhere on anything.

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