A Unique Personal Development Experience

Online Coach Training from E-Learning Experts

This next-generation coaching training is developed from deep knowledge of human behaviour change.

The curriculum is ICF Accredited and meets the educational standards required for an ICF ACC and/or PCC Credential. The course combines evidence based behavioural psychology, practical neuroscience knowledge and cutting edge NLP coaching tools and techniques.

The aim is to provide the most comprehensive and mind expanding coach training available.


Thought Conductor® curriculum is grounded in the unconscious mind and integrated into our Subconscious Intelligence System™ which is a comprehensive coaching conversation framework backed up with the knowledge how our unconscious cognition works.


1000s of hours of private practice coaching and NLP change psychology experience is distilled into the Thought Conductor® Certified Coach Training Program and is provided in a well organized system for you to learn how to get amazing results for yourself and your clients.


Learning to be a coach should be fun! When you are having fun you are in flow and the opportunities will simply open up for you. Our interactive hands on course allows you to fully get behind the transformative models and tools while making lifelong personal connections.

Thought Conductor® Learning Model

Our online training format is designed to provide you with a best-practice e-learning experience that combines individual home study with weekly virtual classroom workshops and interactive hands-on practise.

We offer a highly interactive and engaging coach training that allows you to participate from anywhere in Australia and the world. You will have the opportunity to make lasting connections while you grow with your coaching cohort.

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Best Practise Online Learning

You have full access to our online learning system where you find your comprehensive materials for pre-study before attending each week’s coach training class.

This method of learning means that less classroom time is spent on lectures and more time on discussion, exploration and hands-on practise.


  • Interleaved Learning

  • Multi-Modal Learning Materials

  • Small Class Numbers

  • Maximum 3-Hour Class Times

  • Online Learning System

Future Classroom Learning

Thought Conductor® offers a best practise model of coach education so you get the most from your training experience. With a comprehensive online learning system, class time is spent in Q&A, discussion, and actual coaching to maximise learning.

Our learning model is designed for your success. We leverage modern learning methods proven to accelerate progress such as interleaved learning and multi modal learning materials.

Each live virtual classroom session is limited to a maximum of 3 hours, the classes are highly interactive and involve a mixture of discussion, reflection, real time expert guided demos and a chance to put into practice what you have learned.

And as each class is recorded, if you do have to miss a session you can catch up easily.

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e-learning and coaching

A Coaching Cohort that Inspires Growth

Small Classes Means More Hands-on Learning

Class size is limited to 10 students. Smaller classes means more time for practicing coaching tools and skills and receiving personal feedback.

An important aspect of a comprehensive coach training is receiving feedback from a coach mentor. The only way to grow in competence as a coach is to acknowledge weaknesses and strengths in your coaching skills.

Support and constructive feedback from your coach mentor and your cohort means you will be empowered to become a high quality coach.

Professional Learning and Development Expertise

Thought Conductor® is quality coach education provided by a qualified and certified trainer.

Each course is taught directly by Julie Rice. Julie is an experienced ICF PCC Mentor Coach and a Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Julie is a professional coach trainer who has completed a rigorous coach training education, including group mentor coaching, ICF PCC Assessor training as well as Cert IV Training and Assessment qualification.

Julie Rice Lead Coach Trainer

What People are Saying…

I have seriously grown as a person and for me this was the most valuable yet unanticipated part of the training. As a result I am now contributing and supporting the development of others through coaching and for that I owe Julie the most humblest thank you.

I completed Thought Coach training and I can fully recommend it everyone wanting to become a coach! We had a wonderful group and Julie did an amazing job making the Zoom calls engaging and interactive. You get lots of coaching practice and encouragement.

Big thank you to Julie Rice for sharing her experience, knowledge and passion in coaching and making this course such a life-changing experience! The sessions were very interesting, friendly presented and full of practical knowledge and raised my coaching confidence to the next level. All study materials were easy to follow and well organized. I would recommend this course to anyone willing to start a coaching journey or improve their existing skills and become a part of the professional coaching community.

I found the group really easy to get along with Julie is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. I feel a new found confidence in my coaching. I wish I had taken this course years ago because I feel like I am coaching in a way that I can feel like myself. I am also feeling so clear about what professional expectations are in the coaching industry and I have connected to the course on many levels. Thank you so much Julie


Why Learn with Thought Coach?

The Thought Coach Difference

Cutting Edge Coaching. NLP. Behavioural Psychology. Neuroscience.

The courses provide an evidence based approach and techniques to ensure the most comprehensive and high impact coach training possible.

Outcomes Focused Professional Coach Education

All courses are highly interactive and are based on learning best practices with a strong focus on participation and activities. Skills are developed in practice not theory.

Individual Attention with Small Class Numbers

You get the one-on-one attention you need during the courses. Learn directly from Julie Rice an ICF PCC Mentor Coach and receive direct verbal feedback and written reports.

Online Australia Wide

Interactive live virtual classes Australia wide – learn from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin.

In-House Corporate Training

Tailored to your employee’s needs  – a cost effective option with scaled group pricing available. Empower your in house coach teams with leading-edge coach skills from the individual to the  team.

Best Practise E-Learning

Short interactive virtual classes that leverage the power of interleaved learning and an online learning system that is multi modal and well organised.

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