Emotional Intelligence Courses with Impact

Advanced Interpersonal Communication Skills Training Courses
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There are key emotionally intelligent soft skills and areas of coaching expertise that you can learn that will make major impacts on your performance and personal development.

Thought Coach’s personal and professional development short courses focus on key coaching and interpersonal communication skills that you can learn that enhance your ability both personally and professionally.

So whether you’re already a professional coach, are an entrepreneur, a leader or manager or just want key soft skills for personal reasons – learning coaching skills and the NLP Communication Model to develop yourself and those around you – will give you the edge when it comes to being able to differentiate yourself in both personal and professional settings.


Key learnings include how to use coaching to build and expand knowledge, skills and potential in ourselves and those around us.

You will learn the foundational coaching skills needed to lead with a development mindset.

Learn how to lead others to higher levels of creativity and competence with emotionally intelligent interpersonal communication skills.

Building Emotional Intelligence

A developed Emotional Intelligence (EI) allows you to be in touch with yours and others feelings and have an enhanced self awareness, your EI ultimately determines your ability to interact successfully with others.

That is why developing your EQ is fundamental to effective interpersonal communication skills.

Learn how to increase your empathy and emotional support of others and enhance your relationships at work and home.

Strengthening Emotional Resilience

Learn how to be personally effective – learn what resilience is, how it can be built or broken and what your default coping mechanisms are.

By examining your current emotional reactions and behaviour patterns you can understand how you may be subconsciously undermining your resilience.

Learn how to enhance your existing personal behaviour patterns and your interpersonal or people skills by examining your own emotional responses and expectations.

On this course you will pave the way to developing deeper reserves of personal effectiveness and leave with an action plan, strategies and tools that work for you to build resilience.