Building Emotional Intelligence

Enhance Self Awareness and Improve Relationships

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Build Emotionally Intelligent Interpersonal Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence Training Courses
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Emotional Intelligence (EI), or a person’s emotional quotient (EQ), has been shown in numerous studies to be a measurable differentiating factor between the top performers and the bottom performers in any professional field.

This explains why people with an average intelligence quotient (IQ) often outperform those with a high IQ. The difference lies in emotional intelligence levels.

90% of top performers are high in EQ – this correlation shows to be a top performer in your profession and in life you do need a high EQ.

The good news is that your EQ can be developed and improved.

Building Emotional Intelligence Course

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a way of recognising, understanding, and choosing how we think, how we feel, and therefore how we behave.

When you learn how you apply your emotional intelligence in terms of preferences, behaviour and personal style you then start to get insights into how to achieve the best outcomes for yourself and those around you.

Understanding of self will ultimately allow you to make adjustments to your behaviour to be more personally effective while making an impact on the behaviour of others.

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  • Improve Relationships

  • Get What You Want While Respecting Others

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Who Should Come on the Course?

Managers, Leaders, Coaches – anyone who wants to be able to understand themselves better.

If you want to be able to influence customers, colleagues and business partners to get the outcomes you want while valuing and respecting people at the same time, then this short course can help you.

The course is open to the public and can also be provided in-house. Delivery is in-person and live or virtual classroom.

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What to Expect on the Course?

On this highly interactive 1-day (3 x 90 minute virtual classroom) course you will heighten your awareness of the four pillars of emotional intelligence. You will learn about yourself and your personal drivers, what really makes you and motivates you.

You will learn how to build meaningful rapport with others, enhance your ability to read and interpret emotions and handle sensitive and emotionally charged situations with confidence.

The aim of the course is to understand and target where you can improve your interpersonal effectiveness in the future on a personal and professional level.

Building Emotional Intelligence Course Outline

Understand the four pillars of EQ and identify the key EQ skills

Understand how your emotions alter under stress

Strong EQ

understanding and respecting people’s emotions

better understand people and their goals and needs

Module 1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding what emotional intelligence is

  • Presuppositions to develop emotional intelligence

  • Managing your emotional energy

  • Importance of taking emotions into account

Module 2: Managing Your Emotions

  • Recognising and Regulating Your Emotions

  • Associating and disassociating with Emotions

  • Emotional States as a Resource

  • Emotional States and Creativity

Module 3: Experience and Beliefs

  • Aligning with your values

  • Understanding the meaning of emotions

  • emotionally driven belief systems

Module 4: Coach Yourself to Success

  • Obtaining a Well Formed Outcome

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Making Expectations your Reality

Module 5: Mapping the Emotional World

  • Differentiate between Emotions

  • Regulating State

  • How You and Others Structure their Experiences

Module 6: Emotional Intelligence in Company

  • Examining Perceptual Positions

  • Communicating with Emotion

  • Handling Conflicts with Flexibility

Module 7: Asking Powerful Questions

  • Obtaining a Precise Understanding

  • Understanding Yours and Others Experiences

  • Identify and Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

Module 8: Interacting Emotionally

  • Observation Skills

  • Rapport Building

  • Pacing and Leading

Meet Trainer Julie Rice

Hi, I’m Julie Rice.

Emotional Intelligence is a key interpersonal skill that can be improved upon.

EQ is essentially the communication between your emotional and rational brain function. By learning strategies that promote emotional intelligence and practicing them, your brain’s neuroplasticity will make these emotionally intelligent behaviours into habits.

Get the course prospectus sent to you and learn how to improve your interpersonal effectiveness.

Thought Coach Founder: Julie Rice MAITD PCC

Julie Rice PCC
Personal Development Coach
Master NLP Practitioner

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