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Strengthening Emotional Resilience Course
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Are you coping emotionally with the many challenges modern life throws your way?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed because of the expectations of work and life balance?

Of all the soft skills, interpersonal skills are often regarded as the most vital of the life skills.

As you progress in your life, career and business, emotional resilience will become ever more important; the ability to cope and have a developmental mindset, even under pressure –  is an essential skill.

And Emotional Resilience can be developed and expanded upon.

Read on and find out how you can build upon your existing emotional resilience resources.

Strengthening Emotional Resilience Course

What is Emotional Resilience ?

Enhance Your Ability to Handle Challenging Situations

Emotional resilience describes the adaptability of an individual to difficulties encountered. High levels of resilience makes for high personal effectiveness in work and life.

During this practical one-day course you will learn effective tools that will help you build upon your own internal resilience and build resilience in others.

During this interactive and hands on course you will examine areas where resilience is high already and what the circumstances and situations are that undermine your resilience.

By examining your existing personal behaviour patterns, emotional responses and expectations you will pave the way to developing a personal resilience plan with strategies and tools that work for you to build resilience.

  • Understanding what resilience is (and Isn’t)

  • What supports resilience

  • Identifying your resilience strengths

  • stress physiology and the mind-body connection

  • Awareness of behaviour and how to change

  • Tools to build resilience for yourself and others

Who Should Come on the Course?

Anyone who wants to build on their existing resilience strengths and develop an action plan on how to be more resilient with practical actionable strategies and tools can benefit from this training.

Whether you feel that you are not coping as expected with work and life responsibilities or maybe you feel your resilience is high but want to increase your personal effectiveness – then building your emotional resilience will help you.

The course is open to individuals and in-house to corporate teams.

Emotionally Resilient Training
Confident and Resilient

What to expect on the Course?

This one-day (or 3 x 90 minutes virtual classroom) course is about raising awareness of what resilience is, how it can be built or broken and what your default coping mechanisms are.

Awareness is key because so many factors interplay with each other that impact on our ability to cope.

By examining your current emotional reactions and behaviour patterns you can understand how you may be subconsciously undermining your resilience.

This learning puts the focus on practical, actionable strategies and tools and techniques that help build your own resilience and the resilience of others around you.

The overall objective is to empower yourself with ‘resilience tools’ to call upon when the going gets tough.

Building Resilience Course Outline

WHAT Builds and Breaks RESILIENCE




Module 1: Understanding Resilience

  • Understanding what resilience is

  • The cycle of resilience

  • What Builds and Breaks Resilience

  • Self Awareness Exercise

Module 2: Understanding Stress

  • Causes of stress

  • Stress Vs Pressure

  • Stress physiology and the mind-body connection

  • positive habits for reducing stress

Module 3: Perceptions

  • Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence

  • Self-perception – victim or hero

  • creating a positive self-narrative

Module 4: Mind-Body Connection

  • Switching off the ‘fight or flight’ stress response

  • Coping with stress with mbraining and mindfulness

Module 5: Solutions

  • Learning how to choose behavior

  • Finding solutions – coach yourself and others

Module 6: Resilience Action Plan

  • Building your resilience - what works for you?

  • creating your personal strategy and plan

Meet Trainer Julie Rice

Hi, I’m Julie Rice founder of Thought Coach.

Building upon your resilience will help you in all aspects of your life, from personal relationships to your work life and everything else in between.

You will learn to harness and regulate your emotional state and develop an action plan on how to be more resilient with practical actionable strategies and tools that you can put to use right away.

So whether you feel that you are not coping as expected with work and life responsibilities or maybe you feel your resilience is high already but want to increase your personal effectiveness.

Learning how to build upon your emotional resilience is a life skill that has become essential in our modern society.

Get the prospectus and find out how you can strengthen your resilience and meet life’s challenges.

Julie Rice MAITD PCC

Julie Rice
Thought Coach Founder

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