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Coach Training for Leading with Confidence & Influence

Tailored Coach Training for Organisations

Core coaching skills such as the ability to speak, listen and question even when under pressure – clearly and concisely – is an essential skill for most managers and leaders.

At Thought Coach we recognise that the cornerstone to success in life and business is excellent interpersonal communication skills.

After all, our communications are at the heart of how others perceive us. An effective leader will communicate their ideas and passions clearly and confidently and will also make use of effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

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High Impact Coaching Skills

Lead Effectively with Coaching Skills

Coaching is a dynamic process of excellent interpersonal communication but it is not something that just happens.

Good coaching is a skill that can be learned – through self-awareness and a conscious application of effective coaching techniques – you can inspire confidence, respect and goodwill in others.

  • Influencing the attitudes and behaviour of others.

  • Forming contacts and building relationships

  • Confidently expressing organisational needs while respecting the needs of others

  • Giving and receiving emotional support

  • Making decisions and solving problems

  • Anticipating and predicting our own behaviour and that of others

Excellent Communication with Coaching

NLP is an interpersonal communications model, made up of insights and skills that help you to be in charge of your life by giving you control of your thoughts and feelings.

Thought Conductor® is a coaching system designed with a focus on applying the NLP communications model to a coaching framework.

The goal is to learn emotionally intelligent NLP coaching and how to communicate and motivate effectively, whether that be colleagues, friends or family.

Coaching for Manager and Leaders with NLP
Coaching skills for leadership excellence

Coaching Skills for Communicating with Influence

The focus of the coach training for manager and leaders is on developing your influencing ability.

Coaching teaches you how to facilitate someone’s thinking, their thoughts or actions with behavioural psychology and applied NLP based techniques.

If you need to influence, engage and motivate others then learn to be more persuasive with professional coach training.

Meet Coach Trainer Julie Rice

Developing your coaching skills will help you in all aspects of your life, from personal relationships to your work life and everything else in between.

Find out how this training can help you to improve your leadership and interactions with others.

Julie Rice MAITD PCC - Thought Coach Founder

Julie Rice MAITD PCC
Thought Coach Founder

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