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Executive Coaching and Professional Coaching Services

Do you want your employees to be able to influence customers, colleagues and business partners to get important outcomes for your organisation while valuing and respecting people at the same time?

Executive and Team Coaching – is based on the awareness that an individual’s behaviour has an impact on other people and therefore interpersonal and organisational systems and culture – this is why corporate and organisational coaching is so important as it brings a consciousness to your employee’s people skills.

Professional coaching is about empowering your employees to be more personally effective, or in other words how to form and communicate their ideas and thoughts confidently and effectively.

Professional Coaching Services

Professional Coaching that Enhances Interpersonal Effectiveness

Coaching empowers people to take control of their behaviour in the context of how this impacts the behaviour of others and the overall organisation or team.

The aim is to maximise personal effectiveness and wellbeing by building upon and enhancing emotional intelligence through coaching.

  • Building on existing strengths

  • Developing Effective Communication

  • Building Confidence

  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

  • Positively Influencing Others

  • Handling Conflict

Building Emotional Resilience with Coaching

Coaching empowers people to build upon existing resilience strengths while also learning how to increase emotional resilience.

Coaching helps those that may not be performing as expected with work and life responsibilities or those that have a high level of resilience already but want to increase further their personal effectiveness.

Coaching provides a learning opportunity of how to build upon emotional resilience which is a life skill that has become essential in our modern society.

Building Resilience with Coaching
Being Confident and Assertive with Coaching

Assertiveness and Confidence Building with Coaching

Team and Executive Coaching leads to development of self-awareness and learning how to be assertive without being seen as aggressive or pushy.

Working with a professional coach transforms negative thinking patterns and develops a mindset of excellence.

Coaching is for everyone who wants to feel more confident in themselves and in how they interact with others.

Building emotional Intelligence with Coaching

A developed Emotional Intelligence allows people to be in touch with their own and others feelings and have an enhanced self awareness,  EQ ultimately determines a person’s ability to interact successfully with others.

That is why developing EQ is fundamental to effective interpersonal communication skills.

Coaching brings awareness of how to increase empathy and emotional support of others and enhances professional relationships.

Develop EQ with Coaching

Meet Coach Julie Rice

Professional coaching builds a wide range of opportunities and skills for the coachee. Key skills are linked to personal savvy, especially the skills and attributes associated with emotional intelligence, namely being able to understand and manage your own and others emotional states.

These key soft skills can be learned and improved with executive and leadership coaching.

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Thought Coach Founder: Julie Rice MAITD PCC

Julie Rice MAITD PCC
Thought Coach Founder

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