Tailored High Impact Soft Skills Training for Professionals

Soft Skills for Professionals

Soft Skills Training for Organisations

take your people power to the next level with innovative interpersonal & communication skills courses

Thought Coach is focused on developing the high impact Soft Skills – specifically on the Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills – that your people need so that they can be personally and professionally effective.

In a world where professional qualifications or ‘hard-skills’ are increasingly being attained in higher and higher numbers every year it is getting much more difficult to find employees that stand out from the crowd.

Until your organisation has the ‘how-to’ all you really have is an aspiration or dream. By teaching what actually works new possibilities will emerge, from that new neural connections and ultimately brain growth.

Our courses allow people to take control of their thoughts & feelings and communicate effectively with influence & persuasion, assert themselves with confidence and manage feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Tailored Soft Skills Courses – Interpersonal Communication Skills for Developing High Performing Employees

cutting edge behavioural science, learning theory, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming for success

All of our courses and trainings blend a unique integration of neuroscience, learning theory, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming.

This ensures that our passion for your self-development is translated into very effective, high impact skills that you can use to take your life, career and relationships to the next level.

EQ Courses

There are key skills and areas of expertise that emotionally intelligent teams and leaders bring that can make major impacts on performance and wellbeing both for themselves and others around them.

These short tailored courses are for managers, leaders and team members – coaching skills, developmental mindset and emotional intelligence building for measurable performance impacts.

Coaching Skills Courses
Interpersonal Skills Courses

Interpersonal Skills Courses

Being personally effective means knowing how to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly and persuasively so that you gain the confidence of others and are therefore able to influence agendas.

The interpersonal skills courses cover the areas of Building Resilience, Asserting Yourself Confidently and Using Emotional Intelligence.

Communication Skills Courses

Communications determine how others perceive you. As effective communicators your people should be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas with clarity and passion and confidently makes use of effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

These courses in communication are designed to get the message heard in the most effective ways possible.

Communication Skills Courses

High Impact Soft Skills with Cutting Edge NLP

As a professional coach and nlp master practitioner I am uniquely positioned to help your people gain the skills that they need in order to fulfil both their deepest potential and that of your organisation.

Thought Coach specialises in practical applied soft skills courses, the aim is to deliver practical tools for people and organisations to use straight away to enhance their personal and work lives.

If you want to excel while being yourself, if you want to achieve while remaining true to your values then Thought Coach Applied Soft Skills training is for you and your teams.

Julie Rice MAITD PCC - Thought Coach Founder

Julie Rice MAITD PCC
Thought Coach Founder